Winter 2014–2015 Kids’ Indie Next List!

Winter Indie Next List

“For Ages 9 – 12

The Last Dragon Charmer 1: Villain Keeper, by Laurie McKay
(HarperCollins, 9780062308436, $16.99, available January)
“What starts as a typical adventure story of a young prince being sent on a quest to slay a dragon with a faithful steed at his side suddenly turns upside down when the prince, his horse, and a young sorceress are plummeted to another realm — contemporary Asheville, North Carolina! This is the fresh and delightful setup for much adventure, humor, and education to come. It turns out that there is some magic — not all of it good — in this new realm of Asheville, and Prince Caden, Brynne, and Sir Horace (the horse) quickly get involved in solving the mystery of a missing local girl even as they try to find a way back to their own realm.” —Leslie Hawkins, Spellbound Children’s Books, Asheville, NC” – See more at:

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