Literary Rambles Interview (+ arc giveaway)

I’ve read the Literary Rambles blog for a long time. It’s exciting now to be interviewed by Natalie! When I wrote up the answers, I’d been reading lots of blog entries from debut authors about how anxious they were when their books came out. Those entries made me feel better about any nerves I’ve had. (I feel a bit guilty being anxious because being published is a wonderful amazing thing.) Anyway, because of that I wrote some about my own anxieties when answering the questions. Please check it out and check out Literary Rambles – a great blog!

2 Comments on “Literary Rambles Interview (+ arc giveaway)

  1. I loved your interview on Literary Rambles. As a MG writer, it is always nice to hear from other writers from the same genre. It was great learning more about you and your books. I look forward to reading Villain Keeper. Best of luck!

    • It’s really nice to hear that and it’s great to connect with another MG writer 🙂 I’ll make sure to follow you on twitter, too. And I hope you enjoy Villain Keeper!

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