Staff Picks

I was really happy and grateful to be selected for staff picks at some great bookstores:

WORD Bookstores: There is a very nice write up for February picks. It just made my Monday. (I’m writing this on Monday.) It was a better treat than lasagna. I said this to someone without explaining I was in a Garfield mood, but thoughts of Garfield and lasagna just make me so happy. You can read it and other great staff picks here!

The Country Bookshop: I visited The Country Bookshop not too long ago.  And I grew up not far from Southern Pines. It makes it extra special to be one of their staff picks! Read the newsletter here. That strange smiling person in the picture is me. I’m in front of a castle made of cardboard boxes. That’s likely why I’m grinning like that. Cardboard castles are awesome. I just need it to be a little bigger so I can make camp there 🙂

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