Trips Past, Times Present

When I was in middle school, my English teacher organized a class trip to Disney World. And if I remember correctly, she was (not surprisingly) a big fan of all things Disney, too. As such, I’m including some dancing Aristocats in her honor.

Aristocrats dancing

Tom – the male cat – was voiced by Phil Harris. He also was the voice of Baloo the bear in the Jungle Book and Little John in the best Robin Hood movie ever. (You know, the one where Robin is a fox and John is a bear.)

Phil Harris was a bandleader, radio personality, and voice actor. Also, he was my dad’s favorite singer.

My dad had his record. Then eight-track. Then cassette. Then my brother burned the songs onto a CD for him. Then we downloaded mp3s for him. Oh how times have changed. It seems I’ve gotten gotten off topic.

Back to Disney and middle school! On that trip we spent three days, I believe, in Disney and Epcot. I have a great picture of middle school me wearing a straw hat by the mirrored exterior of one of the Epcot Center buildings. I think the building was Journey into Imagination. FYI – my favorites among of the Epcot attractions were Journey into Imagination, The Seas, and The Land. And now I write fantasy and teach biology. Hmm.

Fast forward twenty plus years and I was so excited to get an email from that same teacher. I haven’t seen her since I was in eighth grade!  She and her kids and husband are all doing great which is wonderful to hear.  As a teacher, it’s also nice to connect with a former teacher of mine. Doubly cool, she contacted me because she’d seen my name and book in The Mini Page.

The Mini Page started in North Carolina. It’s a weekly newspaper insert that has articles, activities, and games for kids, teachers, and parents. The June issue often includes great books for summer. I have to say, I was pretty excited to see VILLAIN KEEPER listed. Now, I just need to get the next issue of the News and Observer, find The Mini Page, and ogle it. (Picture to come)

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