Fantastic Virtual Visits

In January, February, and March, I virtually visited some wonderful schools and students both with #KidsNeedMentors and during World-Read-Aloud-Day and Read-Across-America!

My giant projected self waving hello and the students waving back.

It takes work (and sometimes a bit of stress) for the teachers and librarians who arrange author visits so I need to give a shout out to Ms. Fletcher at Franklin Elementary, Ms Gray at Pleasant Grove Elementary, and Ms. Maldonado and Ms. Barcelona at Wilburn Elementary for working with me to set these visits up.

Hmm. That’s quite the expression on my giant projected head…

It’s so exciting to chat books and writing with kids. I honestly think if someone had told me I could write a book when I was in fourth or fifth grade, if we’d had authors visit my elementary school, I would’ve started writing a lot sooner. I hope some of these students our already writing their stories.

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