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Cover Reveal for REALM BREAKER

YA (and Kids) Books Central is revealing the cover of the final book in my The Last Dragon Charmer series: REALM BREAKER tomorrow at 10 am. Yay!!! (And thanks very much to YABC!) The link will be live 10am on June 21st. Once the… Continue Reading “Cover Reveal for REALM BREAKER”

Thinking about writing…

more to come…

For fun: Who are you in the Greater Realm?

In my The Last Dragon Charmer books, the characters fight with swords, magic, and teeth. Some are honorable, some fierce, some loyal and good. See where you would fit into their world by taking the quiz. Are you a mighty Elderdragon or a honorable… Continue Reading “For fun: Who are you in the Greater Realm?”

Mailing List —>

If you follow the arrow up there and look to the right of the page, you’ll see my mailing list sign up. (It’s through MailChimp.)  For future release information, and to possibly see some cool things like alternate cover art sketches, book previews, and… Continue Reading “Mailing List —>”

Happy Groundhog’s Day. QUEST MAKER Releases today!!!

QUEST MAKER, book two in The Last Dragon Charmer, is available today. Check it out at: Amazon, B&N, HarperCollins, Indiebound or ask about it at your local Indie bookstore. So far – fluffy-ish white dog Sally is enjoying it 😉  

Happy New Year 2016

May 2016 be a year of dancing and books and all things good.

And book three of The Last Dragon Charmer is titled….

REALM BREAKER (The Last Dragon Charmer #3)!!!  The title still could change but I don’t *think* it will. I’m revising REALM BREAKER now. I got a great editorial letter from my editor and good input from my agent, so my brain is full of… Continue Reading “And book three of The Last Dragon Charmer is titled….”

Looks like my main character

When I was searching for gifs, I stumbled upon an anime character (looks-wise) that reminds me a lot of my mc in VILLAIN KEEPER and QUEST MAKER – Caden, eighth-born prince of Razzon in the Winterlands of the Greater Realm and currently of Asheville,… Continue Reading “Looks like my main character”

Rearranging things.

I’m considering rearranging my website/blog a bit. Now that I’ve been posting fairly regularly, I feel like things could be divided and organized better. However. If I do that, I may have to add more categories across the top of the page, and that… Continue Reading “Rearranging things.”

The Contents and Acknowledments Dragon is Getting Angry

Above is the new art for the Contents and Acknowledgements pages in QUEST MAKER: The Last Dragon Charmer #2 and the dragon is getting a bit riled up!  It looks like it’s ready to eat someone. ROAR!  It’s standing up, wings spread, and reading to… Continue Reading “The Contents and Acknowledments Dragon is Getting Angry”