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My Best Procrastination Tips.

Currently, I need to finish my first draft of my book three (title to be announced). But there are other things I need to do first, both important and not-so-important. And since I like lists – and, really, who doesn’t like lists – I’m… Continue Reading “My Best Procrastination Tips.”

Bookish Serendipity :)

I wrote a guest blog post for Jessica at the wonderful Bookish Serendipity. I always start with these ideas I think are great for guest blogs. This time I wrote about my nerves when I meet or approach a bookseller or blogger (or other… Continue Reading “Bookish Serendipity :)”

Trips Past, Times Present

When I was in middle school, my English teacher organized a class trip to Disney World. And if I remember correctly, she was (not surprisingly) a big fan of all things Disney, too. As such, I’m including some dancing Aristocats in her honor. Tom… Continue Reading “Trips Past, Times Present”

Cool book things I didn’t expect – Chapter art

Today, I started thinking about some of the cool things in my finished, bound book that I hadn’t expected. One is the chapter art. The book is out in the world, and you can read a free preview here by clicking on the aptly titled… Continue Reading “Cool book things I didn’t expect – Chapter art”

Flash Fiction Fantasy For Fun

Also, ain’t alliteration awesome. Anyway… Flash fiction is fiction shorter than a short story. I couldn’t find exact agreement on exactly how much shorter than short stories flash fiction should be. After reading some different things, I decided to go with Grant Faulkner’s ‘less… Continue Reading “Flash Fiction Fantasy For Fun”

Wee! Book Three!

Right now, I’m working on book three in my THE LAST DRAGON CHARMER series. Actually, I’m procrastinating – for just a moment – to update this blog. Technically, I am writing, though. I made the most complete outline I’ve been able to create for… Continue Reading “Wee! Book Three!”

My First Author Visit (with pics and special added cat and dog gifs).

My first school visit was to the Crain’s Creek Middle School through The Country Bookshop. (The Country Bookshop is a wonderful sixty-plus-year-old independent bookstore. I wrote a little about them here at author Shannon Roat’s blog for her ‘Bookstore love’ series.) Of course, I was nervous.… Continue Reading “My First Author Visit (with pics and special added cat and dog gifs).”

Fearless Fridays on the FearlessFifteeners blog.

I fear cockroaches and centipedes. And I don’t really want to eat insects. I’m not that fond of their more delicious Arthropod cousins shrimp and lobsters. But in the spirit of facing fears, I will try to overcome the ick factor.  I wrote about… Continue Reading “Fearless Fridays on the FearlessFifteeners blog.”

My advance copies of my hardcovers have arrived!

What a surreal feeling! It’s strange to hold something I wrote in bound paper and ink form. But it’s also wonderful!    

New Year, Good Cheer, No Fear

It’s January 7th – a cold day in 2015 – and it’s a good time to think about yearly goals. My website looks much better than it did at the beginning of last year. It didn’t exist then. However, it looks better than it… Continue Reading “New Year, Good Cheer, No Fear”